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The Rosebush Festival

Every year, during the first fortnight of February, the Rosebush Festival takes place in the Torreblanca Park. This event is organized by both the Association Friends of the Rose and the City Council of Sant Feliu, in collaboration with the County Council of Baix Llobregat and the Commonwealth of Towns.
This festival starts up on a Sunday at 10 am with a breakfast open to all, so that participants fuel up for the mass plantation of rosebushes that takes place throughout the morning. Their aim is to maintain the park’s parterres full of rosebushes as well as to encourage those present to participate in planting.
All along the morning there are events such as a workshop on “How to plant and prune a rosebush”, sardanes (Catalan traditional dance), a drawing competition for children, and small exhibitions about roses. There are also stalls where rosebushes and the necessary tools to grow them are sold.

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St. George’s Day

Year after year our Association participates in the activities held on the occasion of St. George’s Day (23rd April), placing a stall in the middle of the Vila Square, where we sell roses accompanied with a poem and a bookmark.

We take advantage of that date to celebrate the anniversary of our Association, founded on 23rd April 2003.

National Exhibition of Roses

On the occasion of the National Exhibition of Roses of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, we help by promoting the activities held and we participate in the different rose contests as well as in the exhibition of Ikebanas.

We also hold a thematic exhibition. The following pictures are an example of some of the exhibitions held during the past years:


The rose, a world for the senses
Roses, a world for the senses (2006)

Roses of the world
Roses of the world (2007)

The shop

The shop offers a sample of products made with roses or whose shape represents a rose, either intended for home decoration, for personal complements or even for cooking. Visitors can buy any of these items, apart from ordinary roses and rosebushes, in our shop.


Necklaces and earrings






Other activities

We also organize courses, workshops and lectures.

Lecture on "Cropping rosebushes” given by Pere Dot at the Ateneu.

Workshop on Ikebanas

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