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Torreblanca Park, the Association’s planting space


The Torreblanca Park is located amidst the cities of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Just Desvern and Sant Joan Despi, and is 12 hectares large.

Even today the park’s history can be easily traced when wandering through it.

In its core there is a magnificent historical garden dated from the 19th Century. Its fantasy design represents shapes and elements from Nature, such as caves, islands, grottos, lakes and waterfalls, surrounded by diverse and exuberant vegetation.

In 2005 the Association Friends of the Rose signed an Agreement with the Mancommunity responsible for the park and with the County Council of Baix Llobregat. According to this agreement, some land where originally rosebushes had grown was ceased to our entity so that our members could plant and grow roses again.

About 30 members seeded and currently take care of nearly 600 rosebushes, whose quantity and variety increases year after year.

In this picture we can see the different parterres divided into four big rows. Click on to see a list of the rose species grown on each of them.


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1. Snow Fairy  2. Dallas. 3. Kalinka.  4. Mister Lincoln.